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LED indicators

Status (left LED)

Status indicator is present on all gateways.


Color Description
GREEN Connected to cloud system
YELLOW Not connected to cloud system
RED Used only in recovery mode

Blinking speed

Name Speed State Description
SLOW 0.5 Hz On (1s) / Off (1s) Normal operation
FAST 2.5 Hz On (0.2s) / Off (0.2s) Started/restarted within last 10 seconds

Recovery mode

When device is in recovery mode instead of OFF state the RED LED is turned ON resulting in GREEN-RED or YELLOW-RED blinking.


No blinking indicates a critical failure. This can only happen with YELLOW LED if devices does not start.

Modem (right LED)

Modem indicator is present on gateways equipped with modem.


Color Description
GREEN Connected to network, PDP context active
YELLOW PDP context inactive, check APN configuration
RED Usually indicates SIM issue, eg. no SIM detected