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This feature is a part of "Tariffs" package.


rayleighconnect™ can display information about energy cost on:

and other visualization modules.

Creating tariff

Add tariff form.
Add tariff form.

This simple form can be used to create complex traiffs. You can create multiple traiffs and easily assign them to energy meters.

Tariffs types

There are following tariff types available:

  • Plain - single price per kWh
  • Night/Day - two configurable periods during the day
  • Weekdays/Weekends - separate price for weekends

and mix of Night/Day an Weekdays/Weekends.

Sensor based tariffs

You can use a digital input to change the tariff. This feature is mostly used in combination with generators, to change tariff when generator is running.

Configuring meters

Meter configuration modal.
Meter configuration modal.

Tariff can be assigned to a meter by clicking on the meter widget on the dashboard and selecting "Configuration" option.

Import/export meters

For Import/Export meters two tariffs can be assigned:

  1. Import tariff
  2. Export tariff