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  • Communication with the cloud platform (TCP/IP; AES encrypted, LZSS compressed).
  • Monitoring of network devices based on ICMP packets (ping).
  • DHCP or static IP addressing.
  • Modbus TCP master.


  • 10/100 Mbps (10BaseT/100BaseTX).
  • Link indicator (LED located on socket)
  • Act indicator (LED located on socket)

MAC address

The MAC address of the device always starts with 00:08:dc, remaining 3 values are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd byte of CRC32 of serial number. It can be found in the Blueprint administration panel even if the device did not communicate with the system.

Modbus TCP

All gateways equipped with ethernet port support Modbus TCP.

Ping sensors

Gateway can be configured to autonomously send pings (ICMP packets) to any IP address or hostname. Once configured gateway will monitor the online status of selected host and you will be able to browse this data on rayleighconnect™.

Up to 32 pings sensors can be configured on a gateway.