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RI-EMT4 is I/O extension module for PRO-series gateways.


  • 4 analog inputs designed to operate with 3-wire PT100 resistance thermomethers.
  • Power supply from Smart Extension Port

PT100 measurement ranges

In order to provide higher resolution and tolerance analog channels have automatic range change. Each channel has separate amplification value dependent on it's ADC readout.

Range Amplification
<+200;+800> [°C] 8:1
<-200;+200> [°C] 18:1

PT100 tolerance table

Pt100 tolerance calculated assuming:

  • temperature coefficient = 0.003851 [1/°C]
  • temperature = 100 [°C]
  • ADC resolution = 4096 = 2^12
  • amplification = 8:1 or 18:1
Class 8:1 18:1
AA ±0.36 [°C] ±0.217 [°C]
A ±0.41 [°C] ±0.267 [°C]
B ±0.56 [°C] ±0.417 [°C]
C ±0.86 [°C] ±0.717 [°C]

Connection diagram

Connection diagram
Connection diagram

See Smart Extension Port for wiring, cable requirements and more information.

LED Status indicator

LED continuous signals table

Colour Signal When Description
Green Continuous During operation Normal operation
Red Continuous During operation Error detected
Colour Signal Number of blinks Length When Description
Yellow Blink 1 100 [ms] During operation IO action performed
Yellow Blink 25 100 [ms] During startup Factory reset init
Yellow Blink 1 1000 [ms] After factory reset init Factory reset begun
Yellow Blink 3 1000 [ms] After factory reset begun Factory complete

Terminal blocks

  • 5 mm raster.
  • max 2.5 mm2 (24-12 AWG).


T1+ T1+ T1- T2+ T2+ T2-


T3+ T3+ T3- T4+ T4+ T4-