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SIM cards

Gateways equipped with modem require an active SIM card to be able to communicate with the platform.

rayleighconnect™ M2M SIM cards

We work with multiple regional and world wide SIM cards providers. If you use our devices or services we can deliver complete solution by providing specialized M2M SIM cards.

How much does it cost?

Cost depends on application and type of the device. Usually we charge flat monthly or yearly rate.
You do not have to worry about any technical or billing related problems.

What does M2M mean?

M2M stands for Machine-to-Machine. This term refers to technologies that allow devices to communicate with other devices or systems.

Many mobile networks have separate tariffs for M2M SIM cards and prohibit use of standard SIM cards in M2M applications.

Using your own SIM cards


If you use your own SIM please note that it is required to properly configure APN on gateway.

There is no "SIM lock" on gateways. If you want to use your own SIM cards you can sign agreement with mobile network.

How much transfer does the device use?


Data consumption may increase if the mobile network signal conditions are very low.

Base device data usage is roughly 10-15 MB / month.

For each connected energy meter reading:

  • voltage (3 phase)
  • current (3 phase)
  • power factor (3 phase)
  • active energy (kWh)

an additional 1.5 MB per month should be assumed.