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Pie charts


This feature is a part of "Archival data visualization" package.


Pie chart module displaying energy consumption.
Pie chart module displaying energy consumption.

Pie charts moduel allows you to quickly compare multiple energy metering points.

Reference value

There are two available modes for "reference value":

"Sum of all"

Sum of all values is 100% of the chart.

"Largest of all"

Largest value is 100% of the chart, other values are included in the largest value.

This option should be selected when one of the meters is a main incomer. Other selected meters will be treated as sub-meters behind the main incomer.

Selecting data range

Data range selector
Data range selector

Thanks to unlimited data storage available in standard subscription you can easily access data from any period. Moreover, the data from a month ten years ago will load as fast as data from last month.

You can choose from predefined periods like:

  • "Total value"
  • "Today"
  • "Last 3 days"
  • "This month"
  • "Last month"
  • etc.

or select a custom date range using a built-in calendar.

Custom pie charts

Advanced pie charts module allows you to:

  • Compare between meters connected to different gateways.
  • Select custom colors and series.
  • Define and store chart configurations for reuse.
  • Use pie charts on custom dashboards