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rayleighconnect™ can be integrated with other systems to provide data from energy meters.

rayleighconnect™ handles the hardest part for you — the hardware — you do not have to worry about complicated communication protocols, different registers on every energy meter, firmware updates, etc.

When using rayleighconnect™ all gateways and meters provide data in the same format.

How does it work?

Gateways collect the data from the energy meters. Once data is received by rayleighconnect™ Bridge it can be:

  • retrieved via Easy API
  • automatically forwareded via Interconnect

Gateways commisioning

Plug and play. Just two steps:

  1. Install a rayleighconnect™ gateway and connect the energy meters.
  2. Register the gateway using serial number and provided registration code.

Energy meters configuration

You can choose from over 200 energy meters, inverters, gensets and more.

Just select a meter model from dropdown menu and you are set.

Administration tools


All configuration can be done with easy to use online administration panel which works well on both computers and mobile devices.

Health monitoring

rayleighconnect™ monitors GSM signal, configurations, communication statuses, message queues and more. Health of each is element is color coded for ease of use.

Data storage

Do not want to worry about data storage as well? rayleighconnect™ can store unlimited amout of the data for you and make it accessible through simple to use API.