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I/O extension

Smart Extension Port


  • Connects additional I/O to the gateway ​(eg. relay outputs, digital inputs, etc).
  • Provides power supply (+5 VDC) for extension devices.


  • Up to 8 I/O extensions can be connected.
  • EXT port can provide up to 1000 mA


Relays used in RI-EM42 and RI-EM04 require up to 40 mA per relay. Assume total 200 mA for RI-EM04.

If current requirements exceed EXT port capacity provide power supply separately.


  • Minimum AWG 24 (0,5 mm / 0.25 mm2)
  • Max resistance 10 Ohm @ 100 m
  • Recommended max length 10 m


RJ12 socket​ (6p6c).

Smart Extension Port pinout
Smart Extension Port pinout

Connection diagram

Connection diagram
Connection diagram