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The Tag Feature enhances the functionality of rayleighconnect™ by enabling users to categorize and analyze energy usage data from multiple meters with ease.

This feature allows users to create custom tags, apply them to meters, and filter data based on these tags to gain insights tailored to their specific requirements.

Key Components:

  • Custom Tags

    • Users have the flexibility to create tags that reflect their organizational structure, operational requirements, and analytical objectives.
    • Enhanced organization: Tags allow for customizable categorization of energy usage data based on specific criteria such as building names, departments, or equipment types.
  • Tag Application

    • Tags can be assigned to individual meters, allowing users to organize their energy data according to their chosen categories.

    • Improved analysis: By applying tags, users can quickly filter data to focus on relevant subsets of meters, streamlining the analysis process.

  • Filtering Functionality

    • Users can filter data based on selected tags to focus on specific subsets of meters.

    • Increased efficiency: The dynamic filtering functionality ensures users access and analyze only the data relevant to their needs, saving time and effort.

  • Analysis and Reporting

    • Tagged data enables the creation of customized dashboards, charts, and reports that provide insights into energy consumption patterns across different categories.

    • Informed decision-making: Customizable reporting allows users to make data-driven decisions to optimize energy usage and drive sustainability initiatives forward.

Get Started

To utilize the Tag Feature, navigate to the tagging section within the product interface. From there, you can create custom tags and assign them to meters.

When analyzing data, use the filtering options to select the desired tags and explore insights tailored to your requirements.

Example: Tags dashboard

Using Open tags dashboard option and selecting tags:

Tags modal

Makes it easy to get overview of tagged energy consumption:

Tags dashboard