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  • Default setting is 60 seconds.
  • Communication interval can be set to any value independently from data acquisition intervals.
  • Connection between gateway and cloud platform is maintained to allow for quick delivery of commands. (only for intervals lower than 2 minutes)

Cellular fallback


This feature applies only to gateways equipped with both:

Gateways with multiple communication interfaces can be configured to use cellular modem as:

Cellular modem Ethernet Description
Secondary Primary Device will fallback to cellular modem only if ethernet connection fails.
Primary Secondary Device will fallback to ethernet if cellular modem connection is not possible.
Primary Disabled Useful in cases where ethernet interface is used for Modbus TCP only.
Disabled Primary Useful in cases where cellular modem is installed for SMS or CLIP only.

Default setting is to to treat both interfaces equal and stick to established connection.


Gateways communicate with the cloud platform using proprietary protocol over TCP/IP connection.


Communication with cloud platform is encrypted using AES.


Data is compressed using the LZSS algorithm.