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Account types

There are multiple account types in rayleighconnect™.

Standard accounts

Subscription code: ACC-xxxx-PySz

All standard accounts:

Gateways access can be shared with multiple subaccounts and guest accounts.

Guest accounts

Subscription code: ACC-V1-R

Newly registered account starts as Guest account. It can be upgraded to Standard account or Free account or converted to Subaccount.

It is possible to share access to gateways and sensors with a Guest accounts, however there are following limitations:

  1. Only basic features are available
    Eg. it is not possible to access reports or advanced charts.

  2. Up to 10 gateways can be shared with single Guest account.


Subaccounts are special accounts that inherit all features subscription from master Standard account.

Creating subaccount:

  1. Have a Standard account with subaccounts subscription purchased
  2. Register a new account
  3. Sign-in to standard account, share selected devices and press "Link" button to send linking request to newly created account
  4. Sign in to a new account to accept linking

Standard account can have multiple subaccounts.
Subaccount can only be linked to single standard account.

Apart from sharing features subscription, master account can see some details about subaccounts (eg. last sign-in timestamp, account name, etc).

Fitter accounts

Subscription code: ACC-F1-R

Fitter account is a special account that can only be used with "RC-Install" mobile application.

It is inteded for professionals installing rayleighconnect™ gateways. It allows them to:

  • check device status during installation
  • submit an installation report (with installation photo)

Enterprise accounts

For large project rayleighconnect™ offers tailored solutions.
Contact us to find out more.